Children learn healthy (or unhealthy) habits from their parents. Try these tips to lead the way:

9 Tips for Healthier Kids.


Make family exercise a regular event.
Set a good example by being active together. Just 20 to 30 minutes a day, most days of the week, can make all the difference. Good family-fun
options include playing ball or Frisbee, cycling and rollerblading.


Focus special events on physical activity too.
Plan vacations and parties with opportunities for swimming, skiing, taking walking tours or rock-climbing.


Limit their screen time.
Many pediatricians recommend a two-hour daily maximum for TV, computer and video games. More screen time has been linked to less activity.


Make meal times a family event.
Given the demands of daily life, this may not be an everyday proposition. Even if it works out just one day a week, have a nutritious sit-down meal together.


Cook with your children.
Research has linked eating out to being overweight.


Avoid keeping sugar-filled snacks around the house.
If you buy them, you will eat them.


Skip sugar-filled beverages, too.
Researchers found that children can cut 235 excess calories a day, just by choosing water instead of sugar-sweetened drinks.


Stock healthy snacks instead,
including easy to eat fruits (bananas, apples, grapes) and veg- etables (baby carrots), as well as whole grains (tortilla chips, whole-grain crackers) and protein (nuts, cheese, hummus).


Read the labels when shopping.
Avoid foods with too much sodium or hydrogenated oils. Mind the “Serving Size”, many product labels have unrealistically small serving sizes, making them seem lower in calories, than they actually are.